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How To Create Multiple Income Streams

Its fascinating listening to a wealthy man narrate when he made his first billion shillings cheque. Well, most of us are left to just say ‘wow, so lucky!’, and we walk away. Then next thing we do is buy any ‘how to get rich’ book, attend the ‘you can do it!’ seminars as long as they guarantee financial success. Often our financial status hardly improves. After giving a few advises a try we ultimately paint the ‘being rich story’ a myth. The big question is; “Is everyone entitled to financial success?”

Acquire the right skills
The reason as to why some people will remain to be enormously rich is due to their possession of particular skills. The basic knowledge of the market place is that buyers pay for the value derived from a service or product. Hence these wealthy chaps have mastered the art of delivering value to the market place. Our earning capacity will therefore more than often be defined by the quality of skills that we offer at the market place. However, someone might object to such a reasoning and say ‘What if I sell goats and cows?’ This person may beg to differ and say that he or she requires ‘no skills’. There are so many traders in that category and most often we use them as illustrations to the fact that we don’t need to improve our skills. A keen look at these traders will only leave you with one answer: ‘He who has mastered the skill or the art of selling goats and cows makes the most money’. A skill could be learnt from school or acquired through experience, it doesn’t matter. Most importantly, a perfected skill will attract a substantial pay. Just ponder this, ‘Donald J. Trump, the famous real estate mogul, earns so much from his real estate projects sometimes much more than the projected figures.’ Is it that he injects a lot into each project? Not really. He will tell you, “It’s mastering the art of the deal”.