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Goal Setting: Part 1

The Three Financial Cancers

Could you be a patient?

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Investment Clubs: The Ugandan Rats Inside Story

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The Wealth Builder

‘Are you willing to dedicate yourself to being a consistent wealth builder?’

Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings

‘Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings and 30 Somethings’

The Three Financial Cancers: Could You Be A Patient?

The problem with us human beings, especially Africans, is that we have a tendency to visit clinics and hospitals when in pain. It’s not good thing do because the doctor or physician ends up treating one ailment and recommending treatment of several others which don’t get treated until when in pain again. This isn’t common with cancer patients

Christmas Freebies from the Wealth Builder!

It’s during this time of the year that we get to reflect upon the goals that we set at the onset of the New Year. Have you achieved them? Well, setting goals is an honourable thing to do but the probability of accomplishment is dependent on your ability to track daily activities that contribute to the achievement of these goals. 

Take an example, say, if you set yourself

Is Money an Emotion?

It’s not uncommon in our world today to find a filthy rich school dropout and on the flip side a poor professor, mind you, there are lots and lots of them in our various vicinities. The question or rather the puzzle is, what does it take to have lots of money in your possession? Michael Douglas in the famous 1987 Wall Street movie