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The Wealth Builder

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Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings

‘Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings and 30 Somethings’

Markets 101: What are Bull and Bear Markets?

In any securities market, traders make their money by watching and analyzing market trends and patterns, analyzing the effect of fiscal policies, among other strategies. These markets could be those of stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, futures and many more. There are three different patterns that a market can portray. These are; an upward pattern, creating what is known as a bull market, a downward pattern, creating what is known as a bear market and a sideways zigzag pattern creating what is known as a sideways market.

MARKETS 101: What is an ‘Asset’ and A ‘Liability’?

Robert Kiyosaki once said that for you to be rich, you must be able to interpret a financial statement. Truth be told, you don’t have to be an accountant but understanding the basics is crucial and not just in becoming rich but also in managing your money. A financial statement shows the performance, the well-being and the flows of cash of an entity.

The main components of a financial statement are income, expenses, assets and liabilities. To begin with, income is the money that gets into your pocket after work done or once you sell off an item. On the other hand, an expense is an activity or item that causes money to get out of your pocket. As such,

Steering Clear of the ‘I have Reached Syndrome’

The Japanese have a famous standard that they use in their production systems known as ‘Kaizen’ which means continuous improvement. It was the key to Japan’s success in the 1980’s and the 1990s. Today it is used in organizations to ensure that they remain on top of their competition. Just like companies, it is important for you and me to remain on top of our finances to be able to remain competitive. But just how would anyone fall into a financial abyss and how can anyone steer clear of that path?

Six Money lessons for 20 somethings and 30 somethings

The bitter truth about money as a topic is that it is never taught in schools and if it is, it is never not taught in depth. I would liken it to the sex topic. Sex as a topic is narrowly taught and the assumption is that it is part of life. Following the sexual related ailments that have plagued our world today, we have seen a shift of this mindset where schools have had no choice but to introduce the subject within their curriculum. But not for the threat in human existence would we have seen this change in mindset. Sex and the sex topic in those early days were considered a taboo, one whose discussion was for a selected few, parents and adults. Money as a topic has had a similar genealogy. It is never given an early start in an individual’s life yet it is the very most crucial part of life on a count of the five most crucial parts of life. Well, given our fate regarding the money topic, what would be the six most crucial money lessons for 20 somethings and 30 somethings?