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Goal Setting: Part 1

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2016 GOAL Setting: A PRACTICAL Guide (Part II-b of III)

Building a Support Group and Rewards
The image of the individualist achiever is irresistibly romantic, deeply entrenched, and completely misleading. We all need help, lots of it, and it shouldn’t come from the same person save monogamy for your marriage life, and seek multiple professional/knowledgeable partners.
Identify and build a support group of people you can share your goals and aspirations that you can refer to for guidance and mentorship. If you want to achieve things, you can’t go at it alone; to achieve those lofty financial goals seek the guidance of a rich friend or acquaintance who has done just that, to achieve those health goals seek the guidance of your Doctor or medical friend to give perspective on the risks of not! Let your religious friend/cell community/pastor/priest/vicar help with the spiritual goals.

2016 GOAL Setting: A Practical Guide Part II-b of III

Continuation: Deciding on your Goals
By now you have ably written on the first five areas of goal setting, next is the final five. Probably you have struggled to come up with action plans in each of the five, that’s a good thing as its proof you are thinking effort and sieving through thoughts.
As you move on you need to be recap with the goal test check, these will help you to focus on the main goal achieving process. This question format check-list horns your action steps and further sieves out only that which is important to you:
-          Why you are making this goal commitment?
-          How you are making this goal commitment?
(Action plan)     
-          How you are setting and prioritizing this goal commitment? (Implementation)                   
-          How are you going to shake off paradigms that keep battling this goal commitment?
-          (Keeping on-course)

2016 GOAL Setting: A Practical Guide (Part II-a of III)

(This is another guest post from a mentor and good friend of mine, Andrew Muhimbise. If you find it helpful, share with a friend and for any queries contact him through email on the address muantus@gmail.com or Facebook; www.facebook.com/muhimbise.andrew)
 Deciding on your Goals
Every year gives you another chance to approach life in a different way, let’s not waste this year.
By now you have a clear and intimate understanding on: ‘What went well’ and ‘What did not go well’ for the previous year, it’s from this very mine field of feedback that you are going to decide on your Goals for the current year, remember only the stuff that is important to us, turning monuments of procrastination into actionable steps; abandoning unachievable and energy sucking endeavors and building on the successes of the past year.

Through my six years of writing goals I have realized that Balance in Life is of utmost importance; you don’t want to make loads of money and spend it all on repairing your health which was on line as you piled up the moneys!