2016 GOAL Setting: A Practical Guide Part II-b of III

Continuation: Deciding on your Goals
By now you have ably written on the first five areas of goal setting, next is the final five. Probably you have struggled to come up with action plans in each of the five, that’s a good thing as its proof you are thinking effort and sieving through thoughts.
As you move on you need to be recap with the goal test check, these will help you to focus on the main goal achieving process. This question format check-list horns your action steps and further sieves out only that which is important to you:
-          Why you are making this goal commitment?
-          How you are making this goal commitment?
(Action plan)     
-          How you are setting and prioritizing this goal commitment? (Implementation)                   
-          How are you going to shake off paradigms that keep battling this goal commitment?
-          (Keeping on-course)

6. Social 

The purpose of setting this goal is to give and take the very best inspiration from your social surrounding. The result therefore would be a conscious responsible social being.
Actions breakdown could range from: interactions with friends and family, finding and giving love, mentoring others (Personal Social Responsibility PSR) to your own tailored social setup.
What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
You will have a blueprint on dealing with social opportunities and pressures.

                7.  Education&Career  

The purpose of setting this goal is to have a clear career and education plan that is in line with your aspirations. The result therefore would be clear way forward on career and education annual actions.
Actions breakdown could range from: consistently delivering on your job, acquiring new knowledge through study, attending professional seminars to providing leadership in whichever role you hold.
What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
Lay foundation and build onto steps for your career aspirations.

                8. Finances
The purpose of setting this goal is to take full responsibility of your Finances of: earnings, savings and expenditures. The result therefore would be an intimate and effective control over my: earnings, savings and expenditures and their respective habits.
Actions breakdown could range from: Earnings: where you could commit to recording them, expanding them; Savings: forming your habit like agreeing on portion of your earnings to save, where to keep them safely (investment or emergency fund on bank account) to Expenditure: you could commit to recording them you will be pleasantly surprised at where you hard eared money goes, agree to live within your means so you don’t pile up unnecessary and drowning debt, could put a cap on certain expenses like wedding meeting contributions.
What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
Ability to meet the basic needs and wants for a comfortable and desirable life devoid of ostentation.

              9. Investments
“If you want a shade in old age, you have to plant the tree early in life”.
The purpose of setting this goal is to achieve financial freedom. The result therefore would be an independent minded you, who spends your time in more meaningful ways.
Actions breakdown could range from: investment to acquire, dispose or maintain these might be real estate/land, shares at the stock market, a small business you run, provident fund at office, the village SACCO holding or the investments club holding
What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
Spot-on and quick investment decision making, Step towards financial independence

            10. Contingency
The purpose of setting this goal is to complete the balance by capturing any goal action that doesn’t fall in the above nine.

We have to pilot our own dreams; we cannot entrust them to anyone else. People who aren’t following their own dreams resent us pursuing ours. Such persons feel inadequate when we succeed, so they try to drag us down; don’t be that, it isn’t progressive.

In the next article we conclude these series on Goal setting, as you write out your action steps for in all your goal setting areas, remember that for years we lined up in the banking halls within a specified time to withdraw or make payments, but thanks to the dreams of Safaricom mobile money we can do that instantly on our mobile phones and before that someone dreamt the /mobile phone. The imaginative personalities overcome ridicule and doubt to pioneer the money transfer convenience and East Africa has never been the same; and as they dream some more you next loan will be disbursed onto the mobile phone.

Many of us play small because we do not allow ourselves to dream. We trap ourselves in reality and never dare to go beyond what we can see with our eyes, we are enslaved by procrastination. Your predominant question should be why not as opposed to self-doubt. Imagination lifts us beyond average by giving us a vision of life that surpasses what we are experiencing currently.
Dreams are fragile supply that extra self-confidence. Dreams infuse our spirit with energy and spur us on to greatness. As you decide on your goals NEVER stop dreaming!

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End of Part II-b
Next Part III: Building a support group and rewards

Andrew Muhimbise, General Manager of the Rats Network Investments Group (RNIG), Kampala.


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