2016 GOAL Setting: A Practical Guide (Part II-a of III)

(This is another guest post from a mentor and good friend of mine, Andrew Muhimbise. If you find it helpful, share with a friend and for any queries contact him through email on the address muantus@gmail.com or Facebook; www.facebook.com/muhimbise.andrew)
 Deciding on your Goals
Every year gives you another chance to approach life in a different way, let’s not waste this year.
By now you have a clear and intimate understanding on: ‘What went well’ and ‘What did not go well’ for the previous year, it’s from this very mine field of feedback that you are going to decide on your Goals for the current year, remember only the stuff that is important to us, turning monuments of procrastination into actionable steps; abandoning unachievable and energy sucking endeavors and building on the successes of the past year.

Through my six years of writing goals I have realized that Balance in Life is of utmost importance; you don’t want to make loads of money and spend it all on repairing your health which was on line as you piled up the moneys!

I have come up with a set of ten (10) goal setting areas which comprehensively cover a balanced life and these are: Goal Setting, Health&Fitness, Spiritual&Ethical, Knowledge&Enlightenment, Hobbies&Culture, Social, Education&Career, Finances, Investments and Contingency.

Under each of these goal setting areas, we have to breakdown action steps, and as we go about that we have to ensure they are: be realistic- don’t aim to save Ugx400,000/= per month on a Ugx500,000/= monthly salary; set a date for achievement or measure- so you know when to accomplish the action; be flexible- don’t make a rigid plan you will hate to live with as you progress in the year, you can always change your plan later for any reason It’s yours love it; take baby steps- breakdown them down into small manageable units as you go along slowly but surely. Incomplete goals actions produce incomplete futures.

Now take time to be quiet switch off all your mobile phones don’t rush let’s move together through the 10 goal setting areas, the rational and benefit, as you come up with what is important for you as the action steps to follow through in the year, it could be just one or ten under each but have minimum of one on all to achieve the balance

Goal Setting
This is the very first goal to set, as its sets the pace and gives you the how       of managing all the other goals. The objective is to write, print and sign your goals for the year, in this case, 2016. The result therefore would be a complete and detailed work plan for the year.
Action breakdown could range from: reviewing the previous year’s performance as in in Part I of this article, actually writing down your goals, selecting goals reviewer or reviewers to enrich and critique your goals, putting in a provision for review it could be monthly, quarterly or half yearly.
  •         What is in it for you or your benefit or the ‘nfuniramu wa’?
You will have clarity of purpose throughout the year, provide you with a dreaming platform, futuristic contemplation and it will sustain the foundation of continuous improvement for you.

Health & Fitness
The objective of setting this goal is to simply care for and nurture your physical and mental wellbeing. The result therefore would be a healthy and fit body that is immune to disease.
Actions breakdown could range from: specific exercise regime like swimming every so often, jogging, blacklisting some food items or drinks, dental visits, medical tests and checkups lined up in the year, vaccination (Hepatitis B) deworming, to even donating blood. One of the most   revealing medical goal I set was to floss every night after brushing, the benefit has been immense I practically kicked out the irritating tonsillitis
  •        What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
Being in great health shape, pre-empt any health risks and you could have that    ‘killer’ body you have always dreamed of.
Spiritual & Ethical
The objective of setting this goal is to attain a balance in body and soul while being mindful of the afterlife. The result therefore would be peace of mind.
Actions breakdown could range from: defining your ethical standard which could be treating others as you would like to be treated, attending to the religious houses, reading religious books to writing a last will and testament (ekiramo)
  •          What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
Peace of mind, contentment and the clarity of your life purpose.

Knowledge & Enlightenment
The objective of setting this goal is to: seek, comprehend and apply new and historical information for self-betterment. The result therefore would be a knowledgeable in this competitive and dynamic information age.
Actions breakdown could range from: the number of books you will read, public seminars you attend, consistency in reading newspapers, seeking out wisdom laden persons and listening to them, to yourself writing.
  •        What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?
You would have insight on issues, improve your reading culture, being up-  to-date and sharing what you know.

Hobbies & Culture
The objective of setting this goal is to pursue memorable enjoyable activities and being conscious of your origins.
The result therefore would be a happy memory filled fun life, in touch with her origins.
Actions breakdown could range from: hiking that mountain, vising your ancestors, taking that spontaneous road trip to composing some music during your leave time of-course.

  • What is in it for you or your benefit or ‘nfuniramu wa’?

You would refresh and reenergize and it keeps alive the child in you.

As we proceed to the final sub-part of Part II, b, write out your action steps for the above five goal setting areas, reference to your ‘What went well’ and ‘What didn’t go well’ will come in handy plus remember to dream on What is important to you, that which thrills you and makes life worthwhile.

End of Part II-a
Next: Part II-b


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