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Common Investing Misconceptions at the Uganda Stock Market

Statistics have it that there are approximately forty thousand investors on the seven companies listed at the Uganda Securities Exchange. Fifty percent of these are amazingly Kenyan. Simple arithmetical reasoning will definitely tell you that there are approximately twenty thousand native investors at our bourse. Statistics at the Nairobi bourse are however quite enviable as there are approximately one million investors on the fifty - four listed companies. Well, you could argue that the Nairobi bourse is roughly half a century older than the Ugandan bourse. Such an argument could however appear far – fetched given the fact that for the solid twelve years of trading the bourse has only attracted a meager one thousand seven hundred new native investors per annum. The same analysis at Nairobi reveals that the bourse attracts roughly twenty thousand new investors per annum. If my simple analytical skills are anything to go by, then, something is definitely amiss. As I turned each and every stone to unearth this great disparity in statistics, several investing misconceptions that Ugandans hold came to light. It is my great pleasure to detail them to you.

How you could redefine your income this financial year; part 2

Last week, we laid out the necessary steps to commencing an online income stream through trading currencies (Forex), stocks, futures, options, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), commodities like oil as well as metals, say, gold. In a snapshot however, CFDs can be used to trade the rest through a buyer-seller contractual arrangement. Well, it’s quite reasonable to understand every nook and cranny of the trade because investing has its rules. One such rule is, ‘Never invest in something that you have no knowledge about whatsoever.’ Mike Tyrell, our informant from part one of this feature, comments that, ‘I don’t know how to buy and sell matooke, so I keep away from it!’ Mike’s humble beginnings on the trade were not an exception as he took one year of learning before he undertook any trading exercise. Once you have bagged enough concerning the trade, you can then join me for a roller coaster ride as I examine what exactly will make you tick amidst this rather turbulent and yet a pretty rewarding trade.