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The Cash Flow Quadrant Board Game

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Investment Clubs: The Ugandan Rats Inside Story

How well have you positioned yourself for a great financial future?

The Wealth Builder

‘Are you willing to dedicate yourself to being a consistent wealth builder?’

Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings

‘Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings and 30 Somethings’

Business Lessons from the Facebook Story

I have been a hunter and gatherer for quite sometime now. Ask GNL and he would probably call me a hustler. The intention here is not to discredit myself but quite vividly I happen not to be the type that will pop into a casino full of billionaires and gamble buildings like they reputedly do. My gut tells me that I’m probably not the only one. That may sound consoling, nevertheless, its time for you and me to board a roller coaster destined to the haven ‘billionaires club’. It’s a tough journey but we can learn from experiences of those that smartly struggled and today they smile all the way to the bank. One such experience is the Facebook Story, the story of a US$25 billion company that was built from scratch by a group of Harvard University undergraduate students.

Should Tipping Waiters be a Norm?

At the slopes of Mt. Kenya where I come from, tipping is a common concept. It’s so common that the sons of the soil can hardly differentiate it with bribing. My hope is that you, my reader, can differentiate these two terms.
After relishing a fast, efficient and reliable service, you are sometimes inclined to pay a little more. On the contrary, many or probably few are the instances when you almost defy paying. Not a wonder that the public eye has indefinitely spotted squabbles between service providers and customers. Should you be curious to know why the squabble, am pretty sure someone will not fail to scream out the dreaded phrase ‘What a poor service?’