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Six Money Lessons for 20 Somethings

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Thinking Outside Your Financial Box

The internet is definitely a world of possibilities, may be to be precise ‘Limitless possibilities’. In other words, you can make money while resting on your couch at home and on the other hand, chances are that you can also be stolen that way. Well, there can never be an uglier scene than being stolen on the internet. At least if such happened somewhere in Kikuubo(Downtown Kampala), all you would do is alert the public and I bet the idiot would be chased down the street and with everyone pelting him with at least something solid, he would vow never to repeat such an act. The internet is different. Your macho and the fact that you are loyal to gymnastics would be of no help. That fact alone cannot hinder us from learning the many revenue streams possibilities that the internet offers. The greatest asset therefore remains to be our knowledge of authentic revenue streams on the internet as we are bound to come across a lot more dubious streams than the authentic ones.

You don’t have to rent shop space.

The advent of mobile technology and consequently mobile money has without doubt boosted business a great deal in Uganda. Not a wonder when I recently visited Nalongo’s Kafunda (my favorite drinking place) in one of Kampala’s suburbs, one folk wished to distance himself from the rest of us by requesting to pay his bill via mobile money. Despite seeming richer than the rest of us, I did not fail to relish my drinks while pondering how technology had elevated a man’s status at Nalongo’s Kafunda. This eye opener and probably a dent to my ego challenged me to think of better ways to vend my merchandise. I hence came across a Ugandan based online platform that allowed me to display my products and services for sale at no cost!