2016 GOAL Setting: A PRACTICAL Guide (Part II-b of III)

Building a Support Group and Rewards
The image of the individualist achiever is irresistibly romantic, deeply entrenched, and completely misleading. We all need help, lots of it, and it shouldn’t come from the same person save monogamy for your marriage life, and seek multiple professional/knowledgeable partners.
Identify and build a support group of people you can share your goals and aspirations that you can refer to for guidance and mentorship. If you want to achieve things, you can’t go at it alone; to achieve those lofty financial goals seek the guidance of a rich friend or acquaintance who has done just that, to achieve those health goals seek the guidance of your Doctor or medical friend to give perspective on the risks of not! Let your religious friend/cell community/pastor/priest/vicar help with the spiritual goals.

Just as people change jobs, you should be changing your mentors. You need mentors at every stage of your goal achieving process who are at varying stages of their own goal achieving life who will give insightful and diverse approaches, a circle of advisors giving a mixture of tough love, specialized advice, fresh insights and clear direction for when you need it the most.
When someone knows what your goals are, they will hold you accountable by asking you to ‘give an account’ of where you are in the process of achieving that goal. If a goal is set and only one person knows it, does is really have any power? Most times NO.
In life you can’t play your cards right if you keep them close to your chest, go ahead a have mentors for each of your goal setting areas.

Rewarding oneself is a salient component in the goal achieving process; recognizing and celebrating your accomplishments however small they are, by doing something you really enjoy- it doesn’t have to be expensive- you just have to derive satisfaction from it and this gives you a sense of: completion, confidence, and most importantly the motivation for the next task.
These rewards could range from buying that dress, an outing with the boys, buying that book, even phone, watch or even heading for that body massage.

To have the mentors and rewards in place you need to take this goal setting process serious; otherwise you will not attract the support you seek and therefore could have nothing to show.

New trends of ‘go with the flow’, ‘YOLO’- you only live once have become popular life philosophies lately, this seems to mean we cannot actually schedule things ahead of time. But this is not taking into account the fact that our brains like patterns, routine and organization.
You will be blown away by what happens when you actually write things down and schedule- things actually get done! (Just refer to your day job)
And when you track your progress, you get the satisfaction of seeing how much you’ve accomplished, so just do it.
In a nutshell goal setting will provide you with the bridge between where you are now and where you want to go. Like it’s said if you want a shade in old age, you have to plant the tree early in life; so sow your goal setting seed.

The renowned actor Will Smith says “When setting goals, focus on the process rather than the end goal, focus on laying each brick perfectly, rather than building an entire wall.”

In this same regard Warren Buffet the world’s finest investor says “When the tide goes out, you will find out who’s been swimming naked”.

Persist when the path gets tough, stay calm, narrow your options, get the right people on board as you get rid of the wrong ones, make targeted changes, accept failure- failing is fine aiming for second best isn’t, go slowly and keep going.

Happy and prosperous 2016!                   

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