Christmas Freebies from the Wealth Builder!

It’s during this time of the year that we get to reflect upon the goals that we set at the onset of the New Year. Have you achieved them? Well, setting goals is an honourable thing to do but the probability of accomplishment is dependent on your ability to track daily activities that contribute to the achievement of these goals. 

Take an example, say, if you set yourself
to accumulate $7,000 for whichever reason by the 31st December 2014 on a fixed income of, say, $800. To achieve such a goal, it calls for saving ideally half a pay check every month. Whether feasible or not will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • Your financial status
  • An analysis of daily expenses
  • Accumulation
Financial status
An important template up for grabs is a Personal Monthly Budget. This template helps reveal your inflow and outflow of income. You will be required to key in all your income expectations vis-à-vis actual income, detailed expenses, investment commitments as well as debt repayments. Here you get to understand yourself financially, are you an A+ student or a failure. Trust me even if a failure, it will help unravel your financial puzzle. Brilliant, isn’t it? Well, the Wealth Builder is giving you such a template for free this Christmas.
Personal Monthly Budget

Analysis of daily expenses
It’s vital to analyse your spending habits and curb them where necessary. An effective way would be to use an Expense Tracker. The tracker provides you with several categories where you get to slot your expenses such as fuel and transport, treatment, entertainment and many more. Now here is the catch, you decide how much to spend on particular expenses and key in those figures. As you spend, the tracker computes a percentage of the amount spent relative to the budgeted amount.  
Expense Tracker

Accumulation is simply the art of adding up a one plus one. An accumulation/Savings tracker leads you to your financial goals. As you accumulate, the tracker gives a reality check of the amount outstanding to achieve the desired amount for each of financial goal. Accumulation Tracker

Okay, there you go. Make use of these templates, enjoy your Christmas and happy New Year 2014.


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